I Am Barack Obama

Winner, 2009 Skipping Stones Magazine Honor Award

I Am Barack Obama is not a book about Barack Obama. Rather, it allows children to see themselves through the inspirational story of President Obama growing up as an ordinary child asking, “Who will change the world?”

Ultimately, he realizes that he will. I Am Barack Obama highlights for children their personal power to change the world. In the backmatter, children share stories of the possibilities for their lives, as they aspire to the greatness they have seen in Barack.

Articles and Reviews:

› Renowned critic Kam Williams lauds I Am Barack Obama’s uplifting narration, beautiful illustrations and inspirational message. June 2009. Read here.

› Website, Literary Obama, applauds Carney-Nunes’s innovative strategy in presenting I Am Barack Obama. July 2009. Read here.

› The Brown Bookshelf talks to Carney-Nunes about I Am Barack Obama and her other children’s books. September 2009. Read here.

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